Dassoler Agribusiness

Our history

Founded in 2006, Dassoler Agribusiness operates in the Origination, Storage, Commercialization of Cereals and Vegetables – soybeans, corn and beans – and in the Industry of Vegetable Oil, which extracts crude oil and soybean meal, that are sold in domestic and foreign markets.

It is a reference in the market for its excellence in all production processes, logistics and excellent product quality. It has professionals that are specialized in techniques of exportation, documentation and information about market and products, assuring customers safety and profitability at all stages of the negotiation.

This structure guarantees Dassoler Agribusiness the necessaty competitiveness to achieve the main beans, soybeans and corn markets in the world and enables to provide raw material quality for its international customers.

Dassoler’s products and service excellence gained the world.