Mission, Vision and Values


Companies do not evolve by itself, they are made by people. Our employees are behind all the positive results. Therefore, Dassoler Agribusines values and invest in it’s employees’ development and growth.


We treat our employees with the utmost respect and professionalism. This is our main pillar, because we believe that this is the way to develop a relationship based on trust with our customers and employees. By doing this we create a positive work environment guided by human values.


We are leaders that engourage our employees to their best, dedicating enough time and support whenever they need. We champion and prepare our team to continually evolve e go beyond, always striving to achieve the best results fo the whole company.


By engaging meritocratic criteria in our recognition policies, reward and carrer management, we aim to value and retain our employees that are really making a difference in our business, those that assure the best results and constant growth of our company.


Being “owners”, moves us to fight for the best, always looking for perfection in our business. We know what must be done and what each of us have to do, respecting goals and objectives.


We want to be the best company, be the reference on the agribusiness market, therefore we bring quality and innovation to our customers, offering them quality products and excellence in business.


Our responsibility is to show what we are and what we do. We are clear, simple and transparent.


We aim to work efficiently, having total costs in mind, therefore, generating more resources to be invested.


Our goal is to achieve better results. Investing in processes is fundamental for better results. If there is no investment, there will not be a durable and sustainable improvement.