Grain Origination

Dassoler Agribusiness has a wide organizational structure in the main Matogrosso producing areas asn seeks to improve partnership with producers, cooperatives and traders through new market tools.

Being aware of the importance of quality in all areas, Dassoler invests in the business process and refinement of its grain storage units. Our company has established itself as a player in cereal and vegetable market, whose vertical business strategy  covers the origination steps through direct aquisition with different producers, passing through processing with advanced cleaning, drying and storage of grain system/

Caring for the quality of its products our company adopted processes for classifying and standardization by means of modern equipments. This assures our products to be commercialized in brazilian internal market and also on the demanding international market. The main goal od this activity is to ensure safety and better business and storage services of products.


Focusing on the international market and seeking a new culture alternative, Dassoler Agribusiness, invests heavily in the beans market (varieties of cowpea, mungo among others) and Popcorn, it is emerging as one of the largest bean exporters in Brazil.

Dassoler Agribusiness work with different cultivars, identifiyng markets and varieties, it is always focusing on excellence in the quality of production, as well as publicizing the benefits of these foods for health, nourishment and suteinability.

Products we work with: Beans (Cowpea, Browneye, Super Browneye, Adzuki, Mungo, Light Speckled Kidney among others), Corn, Popcorn, Soybeans, Soybean meal and cottonseed.


With vast agribusiness know-how, an expressive volume of transactions and high demand for transportation, Dassoler took the oportunity to do logistics for all goods commercialized by the company. Our mission is to offer our customers security and agility on grains transportation.

Having an organized team with great knowledge, our company can be proud of having a qualified management, making use of the best market practices and engaged with quality and efficiency. With massive  presence in Mato Grosso, Dassoler Agribusiness created a logistic infrastructure that ensures the transport of productions until the main brazilian sea ports.

Vegetable Oil Industry

The perception of the verticalization importance in its activities in line with the market positioning, took Dassoler Agribusiness to invest in the manufacturing of Vegetable Soybean Oil. Adopting as technology oilseeds processing with mechanical extraction without use of steam and solvent, resulting in a cleaner product, that is “Natural” protein meal without chemicals and an excellent quality of vegetable oil.

Crude soybean oil is an ingredient that has diversified application in food industry, raw material for the animal feed industry, soap industry, refineries and it is used as a vegetable oil emulsified for agricultural purposes.

Soybean meal with proven quality, is the best option because is rich in protein used in animal feed, strenghtening cattle, pork and poultry farming.

Emulsified Vegetable Oil for Agricultural Purposes

Emulsified Vegetable Oil, enhancer syrup. It is a spreader, anti-evaporating and ester group adhesive. Potentializing the perfect application with inceticides, herbicides, miticides and foliar fertilizers. It provides perfect distribution, involvind and protecting the defensive. Reduces cleaning problems caused by dew and rain. It can be used in any culture or planting. It is compatible with most pesticides available in the market.


Based in Lucas do Rio Verde, Dassoler Brokerage acts in Mato Grosso state mainly on Public Bidding, Future Markets and Agribusiness.